Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pump up the volume!!

Spool I think I'm one of many girls that gets sucked into the whole " I'll make your hair huge and full " type of hair products. And in the shop I fully honestly believe I'll have hair like Blake Lively once ive used it, however from no surprise it never happens. And I end up with 20 odd bottles of so called "amazing" hair potions.

Now this happened once again to me as I was browsing tkmaxx , and I found a tub of Cairol volume booster mask. Now this is another downfall of mine , I believe a hair mask can do every trick under the sun ... Now I dont know why I do.
So here's the little tub ...

Sooo I thought in my little head it's a professional product it surely must work some good on my "dreaming off" luscious locks!!

£3.99 worth a shot right??? I thought so, so it went into the basket and to the tills!

So it claims to strengthen my hair but also add extra volume ... Which who can complain at that really??
So the results I hear you say... For £3.99 I can't complain, I'm no saying this will give your hair loadddss of umphh but it did give my hair some extra life and kick it seems! Further it does feel like I've got extra hair if that's even possible!
Smelled quite yummy too!! Soooo overall verdict definitely a worth while grab if you can :).
Anyone have any staple volumising products you definitely would recomend?

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