Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dirty Little Scrubber!

Sooo I was browsing some blogs the other day and found a fab blog that had raved about a sugar scrub from the well known Asda. Now in the middle of following my laptop died ( dodgy toshiba!) and I lost the blog :( and what a surprise I can't find it again !

But I still headed down to Asda to pick up the nspa hot fudge sugar scrub but as browsing and sniffing I changed my mind from the fudge sugar scrub to the sea salt scrub for glowing skin! Now the smell of this is really hard to describe it's sort of the sweet and smells of outside and the ocean! Just outsideyness! It's too hard to describe the smell! Fresh is a pretty good word for it!

I used this in the shower today and a little goes along way! And just smells divine! There's also great little tips on the back this one says use on the bak of hands and nails for a lovely treatment for cuticles!

After the shower my skin was silky smooth and further felt like it had been moisturised too! Also got rid of the dead skin, leaving my fingers looking like I'd had a mini manicure! And all for £3 for a bloody big tub too! Amazing I'm definitely going to be trying this product again! It doesn't leave the skin glowing but it's pretty amazing otherwise

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