Monday, 24 January 2011

Andrea Fullerton Sparkle Sparkle!

I've recently read numerous blog posts about how fab the Andrea Fullerton products are from superdrug (here in the UK) .
So as I browsing superdrug I headed over to the stand , not sure what to pick up, I ended up with the glitter puffs, as for some reason I'm really into glitter nails this year, I think they will look real pretty in summer!

In the box for £6.99 you get a silver and gold glitter puff, then a bottle of the Andrea Fullerton top coat. The box states to let nail varnish semi dry , add glitter where desired then apply a sweep of top coat.
Now I tried my best with this product and believe me you need patience ... I have zero!
Personally I hate this product, I put glitter on the tip of my toe nail, then waited for it to dry fully then applied the top coat and the glitter just smudged everywhere :( and the same happened with my finger nails.
Now this might be a product that gets better each time you use it but.

The problems I found
1. Took me a lot of time!
2. You need patience ... Alot of it!
3. I think a pot of glitter for cheaper would do the same.
4. It's messy.

Personally id give it a miss, and wouldnt buy it again.

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  1. hey pretty! i'm your latest follower.. you may want to check out my blog too. ;)

  2. Hey there!! I have never tried any products from this brans so thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Lovely to have new followers glad you like it :) x



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