Thursday, 6 January 2011

100 Things! ONE

So after updating my blog and getting new layouts (hope you all like!!) I decided that if im sticking this blogging thing out, then you all need to get to know me a little bit more! So I got this idea from Lipgloss and Leopardprint she is a lovely blogger so by any chance you haven't seen her blog check it out!
So im going to show you 10 things about me every week for 10 weeks so you will all know me a little more! And to here if any of you like the same thing, also if anyone's doing the same thing let me know as i love reading them!

I love love love Gossip Girl, sometimes I want to live in the upper east side, even with all the drama!

I love fairytales, I love hearing about real life ones :) 

Chuck Bass! Amazing! No more needs to be said!

I love the Jack Wills Clothing range, especially the big hoodies and joggers, i could live in them!
I also love the English heritage of the shops, the big old fashioned english houses! I want!

New York. New York! Ive visited once and want to live there now! I Miss You NY!

I am probably the messiest person I know, I just cant be tidy. I like to think of it as organised mess!

I love sparkles, and glitter!

Lauren Conrad! I love her morals on friendship and i could imagine her being a loyal best friend. I want one like her :)

Junk Food! Is all I eat, I just don't like healthy food, ive tried and don't like what's so ever!

Spicy food! Hotter the better!

Hope you all like the first instalment of my 100 things, its actually harder to think of than i realised!

Terri xx

*Images courtesy of weheartit!


  1. that's a lovely idea to share little facts about yourself :D

    do you eat Kimchi since you like spicy food :D? and wasabi with sushi?

  2. I really like the idea too! I have never heard of Kimchi ( googled!) and i really want to try it now!
    And the sushi is on my to-do list of 2011! and will definitely have wasabi on it too xx

  3. omg i hate healthy food too!
    junk tastes soooo much better

    thanks for following!

  4. Terri I love this post :) I totally agree with you on the spicy food, Lauren Conrad and fairytales! The pics you used are so cute :)

    - Sriya xx

  5. i just got a book from Lauren! its amazing!

  6. Thanks for telling us a little bit more about yourself =) I actually love wee fact file things like this & reading about pther people, they seem waaay more intresting than me! I quite fancy doing a lil blog like this...mines is pretty empty at the mo so the more things to fill it up the better lol =)

  7. I think I agree with all of these except spicy food- I'm not a fan! Love Lauren Conrad though, and totally obsessed with GG. And of course Chuck is just beautiful!xx

  8. Thanks for liking this post everyone!
    @lipgloss and leopard print the idea came from you so thank you so much!
    @rinz ive been wanting to read her books especially the style one!
    @nirvana girl you should deffinitly do it! I love reading them
    @ Emily Charlotte I watch gg on repeat daily! Bad obsession
    @jazzy e thank you

    Thanks guys xx

  9. mmm I love chuck bass too :P , the fashion in gossip girl is amazing

    Thanks for following :D...Snob is a lovely colour, you should try it. xoxo

  10. Wow! you're blog is amazing! just followed you! you can also follow me on my blog
    thanks a million



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