Monday, 24 January 2011

Andrea Fullerton Sparkle Sparkle!

I've recently read numerous blog posts about how fab the Andrea Fullerton products are from superdrug (here in the UK) .
So as I browsing superdrug I headed over to the stand , not sure what to pick up, I ended up with the glitter puffs, as for some reason I'm really into glitter nails this year, I think they will look real pretty in summer!

In the box for £6.99 you get a silver and gold glitter puff, then a bottle of the Andrea Fullerton top coat. The box states to let nail varnish semi dry , add glitter where desired then apply a sweep of top coat.
Now I tried my best with this product and believe me you need patience ... I have zero!
Personally I hate this product, I put glitter on the tip of my toe nail, then waited for it to dry fully then applied the top coat and the glitter just smudged everywhere :( and the same happened with my finger nails.
Now this might be a product that gets better each time you use it but.

The problems I found
1. Took me a lot of time!
2. You need patience ... Alot of it!
3. I think a pot of glitter for cheaper would do the same.
4. It's messy.

Personally id give it a miss, and wouldnt buy it again.

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Hello and sorry!!!

So after a surge of new followers .... Which by the way I'm so happy to have you here! I'm only on 84 but that's a big number for me :) and hopefully will continue to grow! So I just want to say thank you for all your time in reading commenting on my rambles!

- I also wanted to take this time to just say sorry for that ive had quite a few comments on my 50 follower giveaway, it closed a couple of weeks ago and the winner was drew! So so sorry for this !

So just a big hello and keep following!

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Please put a ring on it!

So from my blog I dont really venture into fashion, but I thought i would share a passion of mine with you, which is for big chunky gold rings! And to be honest with you , i need your help finding these two, which need to be in the UK!
I am just completely and utterly in love with them, silly i know!!
Now they look like this.... have you seen them around anywere??

I know this one is by Soixante Neuf, which are LA based designers!
I need some replica of this in my life!

The second is the known double finger gold cross ring
Which is a tad easier to get hold off!

Help me I need them both!!
Do you guys have a fave item of jewellery??

Sunday, 16 January 2011

100 Things! TWO!

A bit delayed but its here now! Ive been super busy but im trying i promise! So 10 more things I love, just so you can know me all abit better .. Hope you like!

My Pug Poppy, she is now 5 months old!

High Heels, I wish I could wear you all day every day!

This may sound silly but it ruins my day if my finger nails arnt painted, my fingers just look too odd!

Text Messages that are unexpected!


Tattoo's I love them yet have none at all! I change my mind too much.

Long drives in the car!

I can do the basic ice skating, but would love to learn how to do it properly!

My geeky side, I love studying and miss it now im done!

Sex and the City!

And this one for an added funny extra! This applies to me,at night i seem to sit for hours on my laptop!
For instance writing this post at midnight!

Hope you like!

Images Courtesy of Weheartit!

Fearne Cottons Hat Box

So another week has passed and i have lacked on the blogging side of things, I don't know why but i have seemed to be busy doing not alot at all!
For Christmas I received the Fearne Cotton Hat Box, from boots. I think they are currently in boots at £20 in the sale! I think that is really good value for what you get, I would pay that just for the box to store things!
For anyone that hasn't heard of Fearne Cotton she is an English TV and Radio presenter/DJ and is quite well know for a fashion style. This box claims for you to be able to recreate Fearne's iconic looks, which are

The lovely big box! Im now using to store things!

Here's what you get :) sorry about the shoddy pictures from the iphone and poor lighting!

This is the first eyeshadow compact it includes, i havnt actually used this product yet, but testing on my fingers they seem to have a good pigmentation!
They are all warm neutral colours with the exeption of the sea green at the top!

Next 2 eye shimmers, i was abit gutted with these as they are not very pigmented and have a huge amount of fall out too! The first creamy one goes on really clear and leaves a little gold sparkle! Next the brown isnt as dark as it seems in the tub, its goes on very shimmery and not alot of brown!

The four glosses included (sorry about lighting!) it includes a nude, a shimmery pink, a clear gloss and a further bright red! which all have great staying power and not sticky!

you also get a black mascara ... which for a celeb brand is amazzzing!! i love it even though its a plastic wand and I normally hate them types, But this is a lovely thick black and really makes lashes look long!
You further got a black eyeliner which im not a fan off, its really hard to get to black ... too much effort for me!

You also get a green and purple liner - which im not a fan of they are too chunky for me!
And a nude lippy which i have lost already! :( 
Overall i have a love hate relationship with this box some bits are good and some are not soo good. Not wowed but im not disapointed. I wish it was better!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

100 Things! ONE

So after updating my blog and getting new layouts (hope you all like!!) I decided that if im sticking this blogging thing out, then you all need to get to know me a little bit more! So I got this idea from Lipgloss and Leopardprint she is a lovely blogger so by any chance you haven't seen her blog check it out!
So im going to show you 10 things about me every week for 10 weeks so you will all know me a little more! And to here if any of you like the same thing, also if anyone's doing the same thing let me know as i love reading them!

I love love love Gossip Girl, sometimes I want to live in the upper east side, even with all the drama!

I love fairytales, I love hearing about real life ones :) 

Chuck Bass! Amazing! No more needs to be said!

I love the Jack Wills Clothing range, especially the big hoodies and joggers, i could live in them!
I also love the English heritage of the shops, the big old fashioned english houses! I want!

New York. New York! Ive visited once and want to live there now! I Miss You NY!

I am probably the messiest person I know, I just cant be tidy. I like to think of it as organised mess!

I love sparkles, and glitter!

Lauren Conrad! I love her morals on friendship and i could imagine her being a loyal best friend. I want one like her :)

Junk Food! Is all I eat, I just don't like healthy food, ive tried and don't like what's so ever!

Spicy food! Hotter the better!

Hope you all like the first instalment of my 100 things, its actually harder to think of than i realised!

Terri xx

*Images courtesy of weheartit!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dirty Little Scrubber!

Sooo I was browsing some blogs the other day and found a fab blog that had raved about a sugar scrub from the well known Asda. Now in the middle of following my laptop died ( dodgy toshiba!) and I lost the blog :( and what a surprise I can't find it again !

But I still headed down to Asda to pick up the nspa hot fudge sugar scrub but as browsing and sniffing I changed my mind from the fudge sugar scrub to the sea salt scrub for glowing skin! Now the smell of this is really hard to describe it's sort of the sweet and smells of outside and the ocean! Just outsideyness! It's too hard to describe the smell! Fresh is a pretty good word for it!

I used this in the shower today and a little goes along way! And just smells divine! There's also great little tips on the back this one says use on the bak of hands and nails for a lovely treatment for cuticles!

After the shower my skin was silky smooth and further felt like it had been moisturised too! Also got rid of the dead skin, leaving my fingers looking like I'd had a mini manicure! And all for £3 for a bloody big tub too! Amazing I'm definitely going to be trying this product again! It doesn't leave the skin glowing but it's pretty amazing otherwise

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Tonights your night :)

So whoever reads my blog should know that I was having a giveaway when I reached 50 followers, I'm now on 57 so that means only one thing we must have a winner amongst you all some where!

So using the winner for this giveaway is " dooodalladooo". MakeYuUp!!!!!!!

Well done!! Your the winner here's a link to her fab blog check it out if you havnt already!!
I'll contact you soon !!!


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