Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Urban Decay Review!

This is just a very quick update on the latest happenings with me, I haven't updated for a while since ive been away for the weekend and also work has been super super busy since Christmas is'a coming! So over the weekend I visited Leeds with some old uni friends, it was a fab time visiting the Xmas market and going on the carousel also the dodgems! During this time I road tested the two urban decay products I purchased last week! So as i was getting ready for the night out I made sure I used the two products Urban Decay Eye Primer and the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray - claims to make it last 16hours!

So I was a bit naughty and forgot to take my make up once I got in, and what happened I fell asleep and left a whole face of make up on!
The result??
I woke up without any make up moving! My make up looked like I had just applied it (Luckily I didn't get none on the pillows!!) All I can say is what a fab product! I applied my make up at approx 7pm and woke up around 11:45am! So it survived the cold walking from pub to pub a good 4 hours dancing and a whole nights sleep without a smudge on my face! Verdict FAB FAB FAB!!!

The only problem I found was that my eye primer didn't have a stopper on it so I got an excessive amount of product and that when i placed the wand back in the tube, it spilt over! :( :( but im pretty sure that's just mine!

But I really think worth the spend! And definitely a must have!


  1. wow, that sounds amazing. thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for this review! i have always wanted to try their eye primer

  3. wow! thankyou for posting:)

    u might like our products try to visit these pages:)




  4. I love anything UD. Theyre eye primer is what i use but ive never used the spray so thanks for the review =) I esp love theyre 24/7 eye pencils

  5. @xtina kay I wasnt too sure to buy it at first but not i dont know why i doubted it x

    @nirvana girl the spray is absolutely amazing definitely worth a try x



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