Sunday, 5 December 2010

Squeaky Clean Brushes!

So the other day i was applying my make up and noticed my brushes were horribly dirty! Now i don’t use a cleaner on them every time i use them such as the brush cleanser from MAC now that is only £8 so its not too bad but I personally prefer to deep clean, however i think i will in the future purchase the cleanser by MAC so i can see what i like the most :) (fyi i do have an anti bacterial spray to kill any nasty germs!)
After trying numerous ways to get rid of the left over make up from them I feel that Johnsons baby shampoo just works like a miracle on them! Leaving them like brand new! I got my bottle from Wilkinson's ( which is a cheap store that sells pretty much everything) and was a smidge at 99pennys! So ill show you my photo evidence :) !
As you can see they were pretty dirty!
The method I used was just filling up the bathroom sink with warm water, and squirting some of the shampoo in with all the brushes, i then gave them a swish about. It can loosen the handles but I leave them in about 5 second to get them throughally wet, but you can just dip the head of the brush if you dont want to chance this :)
Look at the water …. yak!
For ones that i use everyday i massaged some of the shampoo directly into the brushes just to make sure there extra squeaky clean!
This is what they look like now!
All back white and lovely again!
Now i know probley everyone knows how to clean there brushes, but hey ho you never no someone might just be sat there now wondering!
So i hope i helped!
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  1. Aww are you sure it's OK to put the brushes completely in the water? I never do this as I'm afraid it will weaken the handle... )=

  2. I have been doing this for some time( some for around 12months) and mine are absolutely fine! No damage at all! The only reason I wouldn't put them in the water would be to rub the numbers of my mac ones x

  3. You should try an antibacterial soap(which stripes out everything completely) mixed with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil (to keep the make up brush in good condition.) Put that on a plate and swirl your brushes like you would when getting paint on a paintbrush. then rinse off, and dry.
    by soaking them in the sink, you risk the glue for the handle coming loose.

  4. @anonymous, i already use an antibacterial soap on them, this is just for a deap clean :) and i only leave them in a few seconds, i did state that if people were worried about this to just put the head in :) xx



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