Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hair one ?

So after I read a few reviews of hair cleanses I really wanted to try one. After reading a few blog reviews, being a huge fan of Sara walker and discovering she had found one in tkmaxx for only £5.99!
I decided to hit the shop and pick myself one up, so after hitting Leeds and Newcastle they had completely sold out! On the off chance I tried my hometown store Middlesbrough which FYI never ever have anything half decent in and to be completely honest you have to fight your way through! But I was in luck for once and I found the hair one for colour treated hair!

This product if you can get your hands on it is £5.99 from tkmaxx or is available at amazon for a hefty £10.19! Which is out of my budget!
So after I had watched Sara's video on YouTube I knew this was a lengthy procedure in applying the product with something daft along the lines of "7 pumps to the crown 6 to the nape of the neck then 6\7 through the ends" please note these are not direct instructions! So I followed the instructions on the tub and it claims to cleanse, add shine, detangle and condition hair!
After I left the product on for about 10 mins I washed it all out and then dried it as normal! Oh forgot to say my bottle was for colour treated hair! As I have over dyed mine at the minute so any hints or tips to get the colour out are muchly appreciated! I change my mind far to much . But anyway back to the product!

I found that it didn't detangle my hair , but I have really reLly knotty hair at the best of times so I didnt expect this to work anyway!
Once dried my hair was extremely shiny and looked really glossy so I loved this part!
However I found this product really dried my hair out and didn't condition my hair at all it left it really dry feeling and sort of stiff!

Overall I didn't rate this product at all, I am going to give it another go and see how it fairs up second time round so if I change my mind on the product I will let you all know!

Please remember what works or doesn't work for me may have the opposite effect for you :) everyones different remember!

Terri xxx

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