Sunday, 19 December 2010

Eyeko Magic Mascara??!!??

So I recently made a new purchase on the Eyeko website(well to be honest quite a few purchases), the first thing I decided on was the Magic Mascara! Which will be getting the first review!
Now I dont know about anyone else but I like my eyelashes big bold and black, no inbetweens! Previous to this mascara I had been loving the YSL faux lash effect and the L'oreal Million Lashes.

The first thing you notice is the gorgeous packaging its a bright vibrant purple with a cure flower design and little diamotes here and there! Which i have to say which products from eyeko arnt cute?

Eyeko Magic Mascara
When I first opened the package to have a look at the brush you will first see its a nice round brush not too big not too small! And you get a good amount of product on the brush too!

Now when i applied this product I personally had an instant wow effect! It just made my eyelashes soo long looking and full! It wasnt too clumpy either. It is an amzing mascara and can do no wrong for me at the minute!
And deffinitly beats my L'oreal one!
RRP £8.00
Spend over £15 and enter my embassador code  E12681 at the checkout and recieve a free product and free delivery!
Will this be a purchase for you this year?

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  1. I still havent found the perfect mascara =( I find most make my lashes too clumpy..& none have ever maximised theyre volume like they all claim to do >:( So thanks for the review on this one, anything is worth a try & i followed the eyeko link from your blog yesterday & i was planning on making an order in the new year for theyre eye pencils & liquid eyeliner so i will add this to my list =)



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