Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beauty Product Sell By Dates?

Soo this post comes from my recent treasure find, being stuck in the house today since the snow is up-to my waist in places. I decided to have a clear out in a cupboard in my bedroom. After throwing some products out I can to the back, and what did I find standing there two Liz Earle products. I found the Cleanse and Polish and also Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Now the design on mine is different due to them being that old (there also pretty full too!) Now they arnt mine, my mam bought them from QVC around 10 years ago at least! Now she said I can have them since she isn't bothered by them!

So you can see my packaging is different to the Liz Earle products now! So I have used the products this morning and they still smell lovely and have left my skin silky smooth, so do you guys think beauty products have a recommended use by date?
Or do these products last pretty much forever?
What do you guys think?
Terri xx


  1. Don't they usually have that little icon on the back/bottom with the tub that says how many months they are okay for? I heard some things you should follow them like lipgloss and foundations, but other things are quite alright?

  2. Yeah I thought that too! But I cant see anything on these bottles which I think is pretty strange! xx

  3. That is quite strange! :O If it works, it works I guess! :)

  4. i feel like we should only use beauty products for a certain amount of time. Because i have the mentality that they became spoiled after some time

  5. oh gosh i dont know - maybe liz earle might last longer as it has no chemicals and only natural products - i use this brand as a skincare regime and i have never kept it long enough to find out! always using it up xxx

  6. I didn't know either, I am now using them as a skin care regime too! I think I would have used them up quicker if I knew they were there , I'm using gem morning an night and my skin seems pretty good , so I can't see a proble
    :) xx

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