Monday, 22 November 2010

YSL Faux Lash Effect Mascara ..... Oh Deary Me!!!

Soooo I am very sad to have to say this but I feel that people just have to know what's been going on! So to start of for many years I have been a lover of big false looking lashes, I don't want no stumpy ones! I bet allot of you are saying 'hear hear' ha ha even though were not in parliament its still a problem! So numerous times I have bought the YSL faux lash effect mascara that retails at around £22. Abit on the hefty side but it did have a wow effect and that sort of eased the pain! I found this product lasted me around 6 weeks, which I was very happy with, since i always got comments on the length of my lashes i felt it was deffinitly worth my hard earned cash!
However the problems all began when my last tube lasted me a mere pathetic 3 weeks! And what took the biscuit I had noticed a repition in the problem a flat nackered brush! It was so limp and lifeless - in the words of Cheryl Cole! And for £22 i expect more than three weeks! Here's my picture eveidence!

I hope  you can see what I mean, just a plain lousey product, and yes this has happened to me numerous times and I just kept buying it since I didn't want to believe it! I have also tried numerous other methods of cleaning/using the product/making sure I don't pump it up and down. To be fair ive had enough of you now, and your out of the make up bag!!!

What do you guys think ??
Forever Terri xx

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