Saturday, 6 November 2010

Tell me your secrets and ill tell you no lies !

Recently I have decided that I wasn't getting everything from my foundation, I had previously been using Studio Scuplt by Mac  I found this foundation to give me a really good coverage, however I found that it sat really heavy upon the skin and left my face looking really greasy looking.
Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Being a hugeeeeeeee fan of Mac make-up I decided to give another foundation a second chance therefore after browsing the counter I decided to go for the Studio Fix fluid (If you purchase this I would recommend the pump to minimise using too much and saves the penny's in the long run) 

Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

After using this foundation I feel that it looks smooth on my skin, and minimising the oily affect I was seeing before! Also using the same foundation for nights out I find it to be extremely easy to build up on my skin! I also brush my face (after my foundation has dried and set) over with a duo fibre face brush ( the ones with the white end) and it gives the foundation a very airbrushed look and feel!

Terri x

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