Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sleek Kajal Eyeliner!

I recently purchased the Sleek Kajal Eye liner and after hunting numerous different superdrug stores i finally found it! I instantly purchased this product with it only retailing at £3.99 it was BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN! I haven't actually tested this product yet im going to in about 5 minutes when I start getting ready for work, and I will review it later. It can be quite scary looking at the product and seem unusual to use but I will give you an open and honest opinion after a little testing!

They originate from Asia, and products are aimed at people with darker skin. however I dont see how a eye-liner can differ!
The only problem I can see appearing is the thickness of the liner but i will let you know!

After using this product , all i can say is AMAZING! I dont know how i ever used anything different :) you should deffinitly give it a check out ! such a fab liner that lasts all day too!

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