Monday, 8 November 2010

Recreating the Miley Cyrus look from her new video Rock Mafia!

Soo i recently seen alot of questions about how to create the miley cyrus make up look from her new video rock mafia!
After watching the video her make up base is a very basic foundation application, with not alot of bronzer! Then a pinky/peachy blush!
The eyes I applied by Max Factor a Burnt Bark colour it is a really good eyeshadow, and easy to wear everyday without looking over the top!
I applied a Rimmel eyeshadow of black to my upper and lower lash line!
Further placed a coat of L'oreal million lashes extra black to darken the effect!
A set of false lashes can be applied for a bigger lash effect!

Burnt Bark Colour

After re looking at this post i decided the look was a little shabby ( my version!!) sooo here's my second go and its the video this time check the link ....

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