Sunday, 7 November 2010

Rants and Raves! Hair - Mascara - Primer even a little freebie

Yesterday I ventured into town and took a stop off at superdrug and after a hit on the plastic I purchased some products which odd I love and others I don't really rate!

  • The first products I picked up where Aussie Volume shampoo and conditioner. 

After hearing alot of praise about them and the adverts are pretty much everywere ( plus there on 2 for £5 even better if you as me), personally i found  that the shampoo deffinitly adds extra volume leaving it looking silky and smooth and not unnatural volume. But i believe Aussie deserve alot of praise for all of their products and also the smell is amazing.
Here's a little picture so if you want to try you know what to look out for!

  • The next product i picked up was the Herbal Essence Beautifull Ends Split End Cream!

I found the packaging hard, the pump on my bottle may be broken however it takes some good presses to get some of the cream out.
I have only used the cream a couple of times and didnt really think that much too it, it works the same as any other serum smooths them over but not for very long, soo its a basic ok smoother but nothing that wows you when applyied! Sorry Herbal Essence another naff but very affordable product from you! I also found the products don't smell as yummy and lovely as they used too!

After feeling that I had purchased enough hair products, I ventured into the make up aisle. Needing a new mascara I was a little scared to try a drug store product being a loyal favourite of the Dior Aftershow mascara or YSL Faux effects lashes.

  •  I decided to try the L'oreal Million lashes in extra black!
 I found this to be amazing ! wondering how i ever used anything else, the product does everything it claims to do giving me big full lashes, absolutly 10 out of 10 for this product could do anything wrong!

  • Next up and another round of applause to The Studio Secrets Anti Shine Primer!

I have never been a big fan of primers, with the last one i purchased i didnt really notice any difference to my make up!
However L'oreal seemed to give me a big slap on the face and shouted try our primer (not literally!!) There are numerous primers L'oreal offer, theres the Anti Shine, Anti Dull or Anti Redness.
Using this product for the first time last night I found that it sat on my skin perfectly didnt lay greasy or on top of my skin. And matched with my foundtion looked stunning! Deffinitly reduced the shine (Im prone to oily skin and found that it kept the shine away all night after hours of dancing too!)

The lovely assistant within Superdrug told me that since I had purchased two products you recieve a free liquid eyeliner - at the time i wasnt too fussed over this since i have found one that i like, and using it every day  i have tried a far few over the past couple of years!
L'Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss

  • L'oreal Superliner - In carbon black.
After opening the product up and having abit of a nosey. I decided to give it a go. The tip was very spongey which was quite unusual. However to apply the eyeliner was extremely easy, i found that it needed a couple of goes to get the level of black that i personally like! however it was very buildable and dryed very very quick. Im starting to thing it could replace my Mac Liner.

So all in all a big thumbs up to L'oreal which has swayed me to try
more of there products! Also below is a picture of the face products applyied!
Using the million lashes and superliner!

Terri x

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