Sunday, 21 November 2010

Luscious Lush

Yesterday whilst I was out shopping we walked past the Lush shop and I don't know how anyone can walk past with the smell that comes out it just invites you in straight away!
Soo I was browsing around and smelling all there products, I also tested there new perfume sticks, I was going to buy one but i couldn't choose the scent I wanted silly I know!!
So I ended up buying two new products and they were lip products (which seems to be a trend on this blog at the minute!)
The first product was also from their new Christmas range called Snow Fairy Lip Tint!
Snow Fairy Tinted| LIP Balm
It smells amazing and I know this sounds odd but smells like it tastes! You just want to eat it up. It retails at £3.95 but definitely worth the money. It leaves your lips pink coloured and so smooth and soft sort of just glides on :) and its a limited edition so you need to snap it up if you like it!

The next product i picked up whilst in the que was the lip scrub
When you apply the lip scrub it seems a little odd at first! Feels abit like you have eaten a sugar doughnut and not licked the sugar of your lips :P . But overall it is a great lip exfoiliant and left my lips feeling silky soft and shifted any skin that was giving me the chapped lip look so overall big thumbs up to this product!


  1. I went into Lush purely to get the scrub but it was so busy I left, but now I am going to go back! I love doughnut sugar lol x x

  2. It's deffinitly worth it :) x

  3. Ooh I want one of these! And I totally get what you mean by it smelling like it tastes haha.. Great post :)

    Sriya xx



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