Saturday, 6 November 2010

Leighton Denny! The spot light is in you Mr!

I recently purchased on impluse a box set of undercoat and topcoats and varnish's soo im now going to take photos over seven day's! After he claims they last on working hands. Sooooo with working in a bar my hands are in and out of water for 9 hours a day! Soooo later tonight I will post pictures of day one and see how they last up until next saturday!

I will post more info later as im off into town for a new primer for the next post! As im not happy with the one i have at the moment and friday being payday a little treat is in order!

                                                      Terri x
Im back and painted the nails with the Colour Viva La Diva Day 1! Lets see how you do !
Day 3 Looking good still, after a night out and a 8 hours shift!

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