Friday, 19 November 2010

Glamour Mag! Nails Inc! Freebie!

So I really like buying mags when you get a little freebie to try out, this week ive been and picked up Glamour magazine, and this week you receive a free nails inc nail polish the colour is called Savile Row! It's best descibed as the colour of a purple skittle ( the sweets!) and it kinda makes me want to eat my nails ha! If only they tasted the same!! The colour is described as glossy plum! They retail at £9.90 soo I paid £2 for the mag pretty bargain really!

1 comment:

  1. Firstly, would just like to say that this nail polish looks amazing, really suits your skin tone :)

    And in reply to your question about how to get promoted - I was in the exact same boat as you, and not long ago. "How the hell can anyone follow you, when no one knows of your blog?" I asked myself that same question, and got the answer - You need to follow people :) You need to follow people, so they can automatically notice you, and notice your blog. Try follow people who are are beauty-related-blogging. I say this because, one of my followers could go on another blogger's page, who also needs to follow people, they will hopefully click on you, and viola - they follow you, then you follow them back. The more that happens, the more chance you are of being noticed by another beauty blogger, because you're a follower of so many. Haha, hope that makes sense Honey! It's a win-win thing, considering it's not always about adding people because you want to be promoted - add the people who you would add originally. If I don't relate to someone's beauty blog, then I probably wouldn't follow them. :) Hope this has helped chick!

    (Oh! and no, no companies have contacted me yet. It would be nice if they do, but it's not really the main thing for me. However, I do think it's all about numbers. They primarily look to see how much of an audience you have first I THINK, haha. Good luck Sweetie. You will get there VERY shortly!) xxx



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