Monday, 29 November 2010

Eyeko You Little Gem!!!


So I recently I signed up to the Eyeko Ambassador scheme, and after a few hunts around I decided on the products I would purchase this time round! I went for Eyeko 3 in 1 cream with extra glow, Vampire Polish and Eyeko Fat Balm in Frosting! When the postie arrived with my package I was surprised that the lovely people at Eyeko had sent me a few freebies to try, I received London Lips in Portobello and Graffiti eye-liner in purple! So here are the pics and swatches ( sorry about the ton of photos I just wanted to show you all the colours!

The nail varnish looks pretty!!

The cream is very soft and sparkley I love the effect under my foundation, a good product but not one I will need forever!

The purple liner isn't completely to my taste, I don't know how I would wear this and for this reason I have only swatched it here I am going to do a look with it to see if it looks better on than it does here, however this isn't for me im afraid!

Here is the swatch for the fat balm, when I received the product I was a slight disappointed at the size they are rather smaller than they look on the site! They are also allot pinker then they look, and give of a good colour, the smell is also delightful. I think this product is a great one to keep in your handbag as if your blusher ever needs a bit of colour when your out its a great easy alternative! Also doubles up as a lippy. FAB FAB FAB!

The London Lips in Portobello, it does look here quite a corally pinky colour, however on the lips its quite a neutral nude colour and can be seen in person in my previous post! I think its a great casual colour. And also lasted a good couple of hours!

You can slightly see the glitter in this picture and I would say gives of a true to life picture, it definitely needs two coats to give a deep black effect, I also recommend using a top coat as it has quite a matte effect and I like shiney nails. I don't believe this is a over fab product not bad not great :)

What do you guys think?!?

Terri xx


  1. They're all so pretty, how nice of them to send you extras :)! I signed up to be an ambassador and then things went tits up and I never ordered.. I should! :)

  2. you should deffinitly try them! I love the fat balm! xx

  3. The frosting fat balm is my favourite for blusher! It gives such a good colour on the cheeks, bit too bright for me on the lips though. It's definitely worth being an ambassador cos the money you earn you can spend on more Eyeko products. I'm addicted and have the whole collection from the site oops.

  4. i really love it too ! i will deffinitly be buying more, which isnt good for the bank balance xx

  5. cool make-up!




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